Unveiling Felix De Weldon's Kennedy bust 11/22/2013(VIDEO)

Ralph Isenberg discusses the JFK Exhibit on KERA radio

Inside the Exhibit (Video)

Oak Cliff Advocate covers the Exhibit!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Felix De Weldon's original Kennedy bust on display Nov. 22

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza features the exhibit

Mark Your Calendar with the November 22 Event at the Bank Tower!

Dr. Walter Young visits the JFK Exhibit

Inside the exhibit: A part of Texas Theatre history

Curator Ralph Isenberg discusses the exhibit

Inside the Exhibit: Peaceful Reflection

Inside the exhibit: Dr. Giesecke's coat

Dallas' JFK Day seeks to make a difference locally

Inside the exhibit: Artist John Stango

Inside the exhibit: The John F. Kennedy bust by Felix de Weldon

Inside the exhibit: The 1963 Living Room

Visit the exhibit, and check out the Bishop Arts District afterward!