Curator Ralph Isenberg discusses the exhibit

Ralph Isenberg of Isenberg Management Associates owns and manages the Bank Tower at Oak Cliff. He says his motivation to create "John F. Kennedy: A Community Remembers" began when he met Kennedy as a young boy in Saratoga Springs, New York. He admits to being a life-long fan, and the exhibit is an extension of that. "This is a labor of love to present the John F. Kennedy that I loved, and not focus on the conspiracy theories."

He says Dallas is in a position to be a part of the celebration of Kennedy's life, and shouldn't shy away from it. "Only Dallas can properly tell the story of this tragedy. We are in a unique position to be the preservers of history. This has been given to us and we have a chance to present it to the world. No other city is in such a unique position to tell the Kennedy story than Dallas. We are the torchbearer, more so than Washington D.C. or even Boston. We must take it and teach others. It is an awesome responsibility."

The exhibit is meant to present not just Kennedy as President, but Kennedy as a husband and father, and as a cultural transformative figure. "It is an awesome responsibility. This is a celebration of his life. He was perfect for the times. He was a phenomenal man."