"The Gates" 9/11 Sculpture

The Bank Tower at Oak Cliff is also home to "The Gates," a sculpture by artist Jim Gallucci to mark the September 11 attacks. The sculpture stands 23 feet high and utilizes the largest piece of salvaged steel from the World Trade Center in private hands. The sculpture is on display in a plaza outside the Bank Tower.

Crafted to resemble the signature look of the World Trade Center architecture, the sculpture also signifies the gate to the new world America entered after the attacks. Bronze "pages of expression" lay on the Pentagon-shaped base. Thin pieces of metal meant to signify the papers that blew out from the towers cascade down the sculpture.

Bank Tower owner Ralph Isenberg acquired the sculpture from Gallucci and had it shipped and installed on site. A second, larger sculpture to complete "The Gates" is planned, and Isenberg hopes to raise the funding to complete the work and have it installed in Oak Cliff.

Exhibit curator Ralph Isenberg constantly acquires 9/11 themed art for display in the Tower lobby to remember those lost in the attacks, This piece was created by a local contractor, and each "Tower" includes same colored stones at the base representing the first responders. Additional colored stones and pieces of paper with the names of World Trade Center victims are also included in the "Towers."